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15 Amazing Knit & Crochet Pieces by Black Designers

feature image show 3 photos collage with tan border. Photo on left shows blue two piece set, middle photo shows crochet skirt, and photo on right shows pink macrabe knit wall hanging art piece. Text up top reads Locs Life. Below that Black designs. Below that, Curated collection of knit and crochet pieces by black designers

There are so many black creatives out there, and the knit and crochet space is no exception. Below I’ve created a list of knit and crochet pieces by black designers that sell or showcase their textile creations. If you’re getting into slow fashion as well, this is a great place to start. There are handmade pieces from clothing to dolls to accessories and more. Scroll on to find out and even rediscover some pieces by talented black artisans.

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Before digging into these creations, I’ll give you a bit of some background on some different ways to make textiles. Some of these techniques are used to create the pieces below.

First off, is crocheting, which is a way to create textiles by using a tool with a hook (crochet hook) and interlocking material. Interestingly, while crocheting is typically noted as being easier than knitting, true crochet as we know it cannot be done by machine. Thus, all crochet pieces are all hand made. Next we have knitting, which typically utilizes two needles to loop materials together to create a textile. There are other techniques such as macramé, which is done by creating knots, and weaving, which is done typically with a loom.

Lastly you’ll notice that some of these artisans sell patterns, which are basically a set of directions on how to create the piece (in lieu of buying the piece itself.)

Crochet & Knit Clothing

blue two piece crochet shorts and top by artfitbyzakyla. shown in flat lay format laid down on blanket.
Instagram x artfitbyzakyla

Zakyla is a black crochet designer who has a shop of her pieces. She states that, “My overall goal is to inspire everyone to find their creative outlet. I believe we are all created to create in some shape or form.”

tan open back crochet top by marves
Instagram x marvesnewyork

Marves is a NYC based shop started by a black and latina artisan. From the artist herself, “each handcrafted piece has the value of human touch. every item is created with its own unique quality”. 

black woman wearing off white crochet skirt with brown buttons down the front.
Instagram x skrowchet

Skrowchet runs an Etsy shop where she sells jewelry and crochet patterns. Per her instagram, she also sometimes does crochet commissions – so give her a follow to be in the loop.

black woman wearing fall colored crochet retro crop sweater Doe and Deer sitting on bed.
Instagram x doeanddeercrochet

This pattern is available at Doe and Deer. If you are not a crocheter don’t worry, Doe and Deer has some ready to ship items in her shop.

If you’re thinking about getting into crocheting, Christine’s page is great to check out to see what a beginner can create. Just a few months after starting to crochet, she finished this two-tone crochet V-Neck Top.

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Crochet & Knit Winter Accessories (Scarves, Socks, & More)

3 tone fall crochet shawl by black owned business meikaray
Instagram x meikaray

Here is a crochet shawl from a fellow locer who runs her own Etsy shop. If you love this look, take a look at her Etsy shop to see what is available.

fall winter knit shawl from north knits black owned business
Instagram x northknits

Jewell is the entrepreneur behind Northknits, where she inspires others on their knit journeys. On Northknits you can purchase patterns created by Jewell. This comfy knit wrap featured above is called the Ardent Wrap.

black owned business shawl locs wrap
Instagram x visuvios_crafts

Black locer, Vincent Williams is the designer behind Visuvio’s Crafts. Above, you can see him using a crochet shawl as a head wrap for his locs.

Noma is the designer behind Bigger Than Life Knits. You can check out her beginner to advanced knit patterns on her Etsy. These are knit funeka socks. 

woman with locs wearing emerald green crochet bucket hat and smiling
Instagram x thecrochetdistrict

This Emerald Bucket Hat is from iambreara, the brains behind The Crochet District. Check out her made-to-order pieces in her shop. Moreover, she also allows custom orders too!

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Crochet & Knit: Art & Home

pink crochet placemat by black artisan
Instagram x skeinsnsticks

Arica is the fashion designer behind ꜱᴛɪᴛᴄʜᴇꜱ &ꜱɪᴘꜱ ᴡ/ꜱᴋᴇɪɴꜱɴꜱᴛɪᴄᴋꜱ where she specializes in knit and crochet fashion. Check out the crochet placemat from above here. Moreover, she also does custom orders by request on Etsy.  

crochet doll mero black doll
Instagram x mero.jovonne

These dolls from Made By Mero are adorable. The doll maker creates her pieces with a variety of hair styles, skin tones, and clothing options.

marcame plant hangers knot your place
Instagram x knotyourplace

These plant hangers actually aren’t knit or crochet. Instead, they’re made by macramé. Unlike other techniques, Macramé is done by tying decorative knots by hand.

yellow crochet dishcloths on wooden table surrounded by flowers and crystals
Instagram x trexlers.craft

You can find these crochet dishcloths at Trexlers Craft.  The owner is a crochet artisan as well as a seamstress.

decorative knit macrame wall art shelf for hanging plants or other items
Instagram x nossboss_creations

Nossè is another black creator specializing in macramé and crochet textiles. This piece, The Pink Lady, is a functional piece of wall art. Check out her Etsy shop for wall art (and other!) beautiful pieces.

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This is just a small subset of knit, crochet, and macramé pieces by talented black artisans. Did you discover any favorites looking through? If so, make sure to support them by purchasing some pieces, telling a friend, or subscribing to their pages. Moreover, if you are still looking for some more black designers to support, check out these loc inclusive black owned hair accessory brands.

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