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5 Changes I’ve Made Going From Loose to Locd Hair

loose to locs


loose to locs
My trans”fro”mation


It’s almost been a year that I’ve been locd and I’ve been reflecting on the differences (and non-changes) in how I take care of my hair. Like many people who locd their hair, I wanted less maintenance in my routine and more room for spontaneity (ie., I wanted to be able to be browse the internet in my bed and decide to fall asleep without feeling guilty about not getting up to plait my hair).  Anyway, here are the differences for me.

  1. I DO NOT apply heavy oils/moisturizers  anymore.
    1. I used to love to use castor oil, coconut oil, and thick water-based moisturizers to my hair. The only products that enter my hair now are water and shampoo. I partly attribute this to moving locations and to just the state of my locs. I started my loc journey shortly after moving, and my hair doesn’t feel dry during season shifts anymore. Thus, I don’t feel the need to moisturize as much. Moreover, I feel that locs are better at trapping moisture due to their “locd” nature. If my locs start drying out, I will no doubt try some water-based spritzing. Likewise, I’ll probably look into ACV rinses for preventing buildup.
  2. I DO wash more hair the same amount BUT I no longer style after every wash.
    1. I wash my hair about once a week. Previously, I would wash my hair then plait it before bed, so I could choose a style for the next day/week. Now, I try and retwist every other month, so there’s much less maintenance for me.
  3. I DO NOT use conditioner
      1. As I said before, I shy away from oils. I find I do not need conditioner, nor would I want to apply it as I would like to avoid things that can “stick” in my locs and attract lint. I am also trying to prevent against product build-up.


  4. I DO do fewer styles now.
    1. I don’t mean to say locs are less versatile – I just don’t do as much anymore. Before I would do mini puffs, big puffs, fro-hawks, yarn braids, twist-outs, fros… The whole 9 yards. They were a lot of fun, and I don’t think it was too time consuming to do the different styles once I mastered it. But now, I stick to one or two styles. As my locs grow I may incorporate a few more for special occasions, but I know it won’t be to the level I was at before. 
  5. I SHOULD wrap my hair at night every night.
    1. Don’t judge me. Fingers crossed there isn’t any lint in there…

All in all, what they say has been true for me – having locs is generally less maintenance. I miss my loose hair when I look at photos, but when I look in the mirror I am happy with where I am at now with my locs.


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