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Two Headed Locs

Sometimes locs decide they prefer to not loc all the way. In those case you may be left in holes in the middle of your locs or two separate pieces at the end of a loc. Two headed locs are common if you start your locs with two stranded twists or combine two or more existing locs. Typically, the locs will eventually meld together. However, this is not always the case – especially if you are in the beginning of your journey.

For me, I have combined some locs over the years and most of them have melded together nicely. Except that trouble maker above. The locs I twisted were a little too thin on their own, but their combined thickness made it more difficult to completely combine into one loc. After two years of twisting the ends and having them unravel, I am ready to come to a more permanent solution.

Fixing Two Headed Locs

There are a couple options to take. I could have cut off the ends where the loc diverged. However, I didn’t like the idea of cutting off healthy locs outside of getting a haricut. Instead, I used some black string and a needle to combine them. I got the idea from a chescalocs guide I saw a few years ago. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the original video. 

Needle and thread in loc.
Work in progress.

What I did was twist the ends and use a bobby pin to secure the bottom of the newly formed loc. Then I took a needle and started about 1cm above where the loc was already melded, threaded it to the bottom and tied a knot. Lastly, I cut off the extra hanging thread from my locs. 

tools from a purple sewing kit. laying out on a bed. scissors, thread, and needle. Also pictured is a bobby pin.
Tools from my sewing kit.

Tools Used:

  1. Needle
  2. Black Thread
  3. Tiny rubber band or clip
  4. Scissors 
finished product after combing locs using needle and thread.
All done.

With that, I was able to combine my stubborn non-locs. I was also able to check off an item from my last locs update post. While it has been too soon to declare complete victory (ie., one hour), I think I should be good to go! I’ll edit this post with some updates as more time goes by. 

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