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Before Starting Locs Try One of These Styles

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There is a lot to think about before starting locs, primarily because they are seen as a big commitment for many. Afterall, once your locs are set in, it can take days to completely take them down. Moreover, if you accomplish taking them down, you are likely to lose a lot of length from the process and accompanying trim to get rid of damaged ends. Many people also are hesitant to have locs given prejudicial thoughts by society and even those closest to them. Lastly, you may just not even be sure if you’ll like the look on you! That can be a lot to contend with if you’re not sure if locs are right for you. Given that, I put together a couple styles that can be helpful to try before starting locs.

Yarn Braids

Yarn braids can look quite similar to locs. In fact, some people start their locs with yarn braids. What is great about them is that you can install yarn braids in order to get an idea of what they will look like at varying lengths, styles and size. Yarn braids at distance, look like locs, but as you get closer you can see the woven pattern.

Two strand twists, Braids, & Comb Coils

I categorized these three together as you can create these styles with just your own hair. Moreover, you can seamlessly transition to locs by just leaving them in. If you want to learn more about how long that would take and other ways to start locs, read this article: Methods to Start Locs.

Loc Wigs

Another style to try before starting locs, is loc wigs. Loc wigs can also be a permanent part of your locs journey. For those with hair loss and/or large swaths of sensitive scalp, you can incorporate full loc wigs/pieces long term.

These are just a few styles you can try before starting locs or just help you make the decision if locs are right for you. Some others may find trying styles such as senegalese twists or just wearing their hair out in its usual style to realize they want to commit to locs.

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