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Black Owned Hair Accessories Brands That Are Locs Inclusive

collage of six images, which all feature a product from a black owned business brand. Text overlaying the collage reads: Locs Life: Black Owned Hair Accessories Brands

Any day is a good day to support a black owned business. Below I put together 12 black owned hair accessories brands that are inclusive of locs. Some of these brands are even founded by fellow locers. Read on below and see what these amazing founders have created.

Loc Jewelry


piece of loc jewlery from naturally charming, a black owned brand selling jewelry on etsy. woman holding the loc jewelry which is a quartz gemstone wrapped in gold wiring. a green plant is in the background
Source: Naturally Charming

NaturallyCharmingCo is a Louisiana based brand that offers items on Etsy. The founder is Charming and her shop is focused mostly on crystal jewelry. She also offers some loc jewelry pieces. In fact, her current bestseller is her Handcrafted Wire Wrapped Loc Jewelry.

Tiffany’s Loc Jewelry

woman with long dark locs staring straight in the camera with loc jewelry in her hair from tiffany's locs wearing a grey hoodie
Tiffany’s Loc Jewelry

This company was founded in 2011 by fellow locer Tiffany. Tiffany’s Loc Jewelry is hand crafted and carries a large variety of pieces. What is nice is that you can filter the variety of pieces she has – such as metal and colored loc pieces.

Loc Wraps, Turbans & Scrunchies

The Wrap Life

black woman with black and dark blue locs wearing a turban wrap from The Wrap Life - a black owned hair accessories brand. Woman is staring off camera
Source: The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life was launched in 2014 by Nnenna Stella. She was inspired by “West African expressions of head dress.” The products range from different wraps, turbans, scrunchies and more. What’s great about The Wrap Life is that the wraps sold are great for long and short loc wearers alike. Also, if you aren’t very confident with tying wraps, you can check out short tutorials on Instagram. A final plus – they also have a few loc wearers that sport their products highlighted on their page for extra inspiration.


small child laughing/smiling infectiously at the camera wearing a tied knot blue turban from SweetMayCo, a black owned business. Child is wearing a grey Henley type shirt with buttons and is sitting on an orangey brown chair.
Source: SweetMayCo

SweetMayCo is a black owned hair accessories brand focusing on turbans, headbands, and beanies for children and adults alike. In addition, they sell adorable bows suitable for any mini locer. As for purchasing from this shop, SweetMay Co does online sales via Etsy and also has a pickup option available if you are in the Portland, Maine area.

Hair Clips & Pins

Isha’s Flower Garden

Three collage photos all featuring a yellow buttercup faux flower clip from Isha's Flower Garden - a black woman owned brand. The photo on the left is a close up of a hand holding the flower with a blue/brown wood background. The top right photo has two flower clips. The final bottom right clip shows a black red-headed woman, who is the owner, wearing two of the flower clips in her hair as she smiles off frame.
Source: Isha’s Flower Garden

This next brand is a Knoxville based Etsy shop founded by a woman named Isha. If you are looking for a whimsical touch to your locs then Isha’s Flower Garden is the spot. Her shop draws from nature and she sells a number of faux flower clips and headbands.

Eco Glass Studio

Two hair clips with a green top made of recycled wine bottle. There is a wine bottle cork for scale and it is slightly smaller than the hair pins. Business selling the pins is a black owned business called Eco Glass Studio
Source: Eco Glass Studio

The owner of Eco Glass Studio is Shay and she is locd herself. Her shop is great if you are looking to add some sustainable purchases to your life. This is because she primarily sells jewelry made with recycled wine bottles. Her shop has a variety of jewelry types (bracelets, earrings, pendants, etc), but also includes some hair pins that are suitable for locs.


black woman with a full face of makeup stares off frame. She is wearing two hair clips in her hair, from the black owned hair accessories brand, SVNMIA.
Source: SVNMIA

SVNMIA‘s accessories are all handcrafted. The owner of this store is Akilah who is a content creator as well. SVNMIA was recently launched on July 7, 2020, so stop by and show this new shop some of the love it deserves. If you are wondering how to pronounce the name of this company it is pronounced “Seven Me Ah.” The name is a combination of the number 7 (SVN) and Miami (MIA).

Loc Care Accessories

Baby Tress

6 solid colored, but otherwise identical products, on a white background. The product has a double side brush - bristle board brush on side and a silicone brush on the other. On the bottom half of the product comes to point, that is used to separate hair. Product is from Baby Tress - a POC brand.
Source: Baby Tress

Baby Tress sells a product called the Edge Styler. This three in one tool is used to define edges. Therefore, if you like to keep your edges laid, and want to splurge on a POC brand, then check them out. As for a little about the how the company started, four co founders who were coworkers got together to start this business.

Soul Cap

black woman with her back towards the camera and face to the side stands with one hand folded behind her back. She is wearing a black swim suit and a salmon red swim cap with googles on top. The swim cap is big enough to encompass the thick braids or perhaps locs that are within them. The swim cap is from a black owned brand called Soul Cap.
Source: Soul Cap

Soul Cap hit the news in 2021 due to some poor decisions the International Swimming Federation made that affected black Olympic swimmers. However, this controversy has inadvertently led to some much deserved positive attention to the swimming apparel brand, Soul Cap. Their swimming caps are inclusive for loc wearers at all points in their journey. As for some more background on the company, the brand was started by two black men, Michael and Toks, after an encounter with a black woman struggling to get her afro in a swimming cap. After seeing the gap in the market for voluminous hair, the founders later created Soul Cap.

Digital Loctician

bristle boar brush with dark wooden handle and white background.
Source: Digital Loctician

Digital Loctician is not just for products, but a web-resource for loc wearers. That said, they still have great options for sale to check out. They have a few products, but the main loc accessory items would be their boar bristle brush and satin durag. As for a bit about the company, it was founded by locer, Jocelyn Reneé. She is a content creator in the locs community, serving us with her knowledge of being a loctician, conducting research, and having locs herself.

Locing Tools

Locks Royale

Black woman's hands in frame with long white nails holding a silver small interlocking tool with a loc in there. The interlocking tool is from a black owned business called Locks Royale.
Source: Locks Royale

The Locks Royale brand was founded by a hair technician and sisterlocks consultant, Liz Joseph. The hair accessory to purchase from her is the LondonLoc Tool, which is used to help interlock your hair. This is a UK based brand that also ships to the US.

Nappy N Happy

A pile of 6 gold interlocking tools from black owned hair accessories brand, Nappy N Happy
Source: Nappy N Happy

Our final brand is Nappy N Happy, which is another brand that sells interlocking tools. What is nice about this company is that their interlocking tools are affordable, well made, and come in a variety of sizes. If that isn’t enough for you, then you can check out some of their hair accessory products they sell like loc charms and pins.

Thanks for stopping by to check out these black owned hair accessories brands. These loc friendly brands are great for a variety of reasons. You can add a nice touch to your locs and who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired to start your own business.

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