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Locs Feature: Charlie O

1. Tell me about yourself.

My name is Charlie O and I’m from the East coast and I currently reside in California. I created this site as a place where people can see, learn about and admire beautiful locs. I’m working on figuring out how to meaningfully live my life while making a steady income.

2. How long have you had locs and how many do you have?

I’m currently rocking two strand twists. I recently decided to start my loc journey and have only put them in about one month ago.

Currently have 95, but have been combining/dividing some twists I wasn’t happy with.

3. How do you take care/wash them?
I’m planning on taking care of my twists/locs very similarly to how I take care of my loose hair. Wash once a month with ACV rinse mixed with castile soap or fragrance free aveeno body wash. No conditioner. I haven’t retwisted yet, but plan to do it when damn with aloe vera gel or water. Moisturize with olive oil/grapeseed oil. I’d love to hear any feedback on my plan.

4. Do your locs have any meaning to you?
I’m excited to start my locing journey. I’ve worn a plethora of natural styles throughout the years (two-strand twists, yarn braids, puffs, failed wash n gos, fro-hawks, etc). My hair is very fine and prone to knotting. I feel like locs are what my hair has been trying to do all my life, and I’m ready to work with the flow.

5. Any issues & how do you deal with them?

I have dandruff. I try and scrap it off before showering. I’m still looking into different prescription shampoos/ideas to prevent dandruff though.

6. How did you start them? (twists/freeform/braids/palm roll,etc)

two-strand twists

7. what’s your hair texture? (3a-4c or multi-texture if you feel the typing system doesn’t work for you). Hair length (short medium long)? Hair type/size (small, medium, large, freeform)? Do you think any of these attributes have impacted how you care for your locs?

Texture: 4c. Length: Short. Size: Medium twists. I think having 4c hair will help my locs loc faster. Other than that, not really.

8. What do you like/dislike most about having locs

Like: Versatile, beauty.

Dislike: Hmm, I guess if I ever wanted to take them down, the process would be a pain if I tried to loosen them instead of cutting.

9. How do you like to style them
My twists have shrunken above my shoulders and have the tendency to stick out at random angles 🙂 Due to this, I like varying bun styles.

10. Anything else you want to share (tips locs life whatever)
Hmm. Like I said, my hair hasn’t loced yet. But something I’ve read and will definitely take to heart is not to retwist or style too tightly in order to avoid traction alopecia.


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