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Loc’d Business: Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

As defined by google:
  1. a mixture or blend.
    “a curious amalgam of the traditional and the modern”

Ariell R. Johnson is getting me nostalgic about my home city of Philadelphia. She is breaking headlines as being the first black female comic book/coffee house owner on the East Coast. Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc. is located in Kensington, specifically, 2578 Frankford Avenue 1st Floor South Philadelphia, PA 19125. The location is very metro accessible, being a 1/2 mile walk from York/Dauphin station on the MFL or about a block away from the 5 and 39 bus routes.

“Coming soon!… Amalgam comics and coffee house” It’s now open so come on over!

As taken from UpWorthy, we can see Ariell has her sights on increasing diversity through her comic offerings and help build a sense of community. The interview is an inspiring read and I would suggest that everyone check it out. In the face of her favorite coffee shop closing, Ms. Johnson seized an opportunity to create her own shop. Not only that, she went against the grain by shelving a diverse set of comics. As quoted from the UpWorthy interview with Ariell, “We live in a diverse world. People want to see themselves in the stories that they read and watch, and not just as a token or a convenient stereotype,” “In the near term, she wants to start hosting community events — especially ones that involve local youth. Shortly after opening, Johnson was approached by a teen for feedback on a story he was writing.” Amalgam Coffeehouse is certainly living up to its name as comic shop that represents a wide range of people (including women, POC and LGBT+). If you’re ever in Philadelphia, please check her out and support her business.  

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