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Youtubers to Watch for All Loc Stages & Types

5 Youtubers to Watch for Locs Journe. Collage of 5 different locs youtubersy

Below I’ve listed 5 youtubers that cover a pretty broad spectrum of locers. If you’re thinking of starting locs, but aren’t sure of the options or what’s in store, then you’re in the right place. From sisterlocks to freeform, from baby locs to senior locs, I’ve got ya covered. Read below to check out some loc youtubers to follow and learn from.

1. PR Charles – Sisterlocks

PR Charles videos go really in depth about her own sisterlocks and answers questions others may have about their own sisterlocks journey. She’s had her own locs for almost 15 years, so she knows her stuff! PR Charles maintains her own sisterlocks and goes into topics such as: what to do if your sisterlocks are too much to maintain, how she maintains her locs, and style videos as well.

2. Prettipoison27 – Small-Medium Locs

Prettipoision27 has been making videos chronicling her loc journey straight from the beginning. I’d recommend everyone to first check out her videos to see what’s most likely in store for you, especially since many people end up with similar sized locs. Prettipoision27’s videos definitely have a special place in my loc journey as I remember watching her videos years ago when I first thought of locing. She has loc updates videos, style videos, life videos, hair color videos – just everything! In 2019, she started a new journey by combining her locs to thicken them. 

3. Cedlocks – Male Perspective

The natural hair community is dominated by women, and the locs section is no exception to this! However, Cedlocks, knows how to hold his own. I especially recommend his job & locs videos as well as the hilarious ACV rinse one. He started his locs with comb coils and has videos from the beginning of his journey to now as well to the end when he cut his locs. Check out his channel and enjoy.

4. Spirtualtwinz11 – Freeform

The channel is split between twins: veganvonnie13 and spirtualtwin11. Spirtualtwin11 currently doesn’t: twist, shampoo, or oil his freeform locs. His only addition or manipulation of his hair is washing with water. Locs are very big part of both twins’ spiritual and natural journey. Spirtualtwin11 has a few videos on his locs, but the majority of the channel is dedicated to spiritualism and veganism. He goes into more detail for this decision in the video linked above.

5. KOKABUTA – Thick/Semi-Freeform Locs

Kokabuta (channel now is Knowing Tracy) had beautiful thick locs. She started out with smaller locs and combined them over the course of her journey to get them to her latest thickness. Kokabuta has videos on how to thicken locs as well as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos. She has since cut her locs, but her locs videos are still definitely worth checking out.

Thanks for stopping by. There are many more amazing loc youtubers that I haven’t included here. There is so much to learn from watching other people’s journeys. From mistakes to triumphs, there is a lot to see. If you haven’t started locs, and are trying to figure out where to start – check out this article.

Updated: 6/13/2021

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