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Locs Feature: Debra, 4C

1. Tell me about yourself.
I am an entrepreneur, an avid trail hiker, jewelry maker, published photographer, cyclist, and stargazer. I’m basically a nerd with three grown kids, and three grand kids.
2. How long have you had locs and how many do you have?
I have worn locs since 1999 and this is my third set. My first set was around 380, Now I probably have closer to 300.
3. How do you take care/wash them?
I am the founder Nappy Locs and shampoo my hair once every 7-10 days with our Baby Dreadz shampoo. It has clary sage, rosemary, and mint. The scent is amazing and it tingles my scalp. Then I towel dry them and while my hair is slightly damp I moisturize with our sunflowers hair pomade. It has a very small amount of beeswax to help seal in the moisture. I work that from the scalp through the ends. Lastly, I put it in a bun or braids until it’s dry.
4. Do your locs have any meaning to you?
I wear my locs to encourage and to show everyone that black kinky hair women can have long hair without wearing a weave. It can be sexy, it can be fun, as well as functional. I love not having to worry about sweating out my hairstyle.
5. Any issues & how do you deal with them?
Hair issues – Right now I’m growing out some color. Color for me is a lot more maintenance. Lighter colors especially tend to dry my hair out and over time the color can fade. To give it a boost, I’ll follow up with a semi permanent rinse every now and then.
People issues – When I started my locs I found family members less accepting. I grew up during the civil rights movement when natural hair was more of a cultural and political statement. Then in the 90’s relaxers where in full force. When I transitioned I was treated as if I was exposing the secret that some of us have nappy hair!
6. How did you start them?
I started my locs by interlocking because I am lazy. I installed my second set with the Nappy Locs technique and I retighten them once every 8 weeks. I don’t have the time to keep up with twisting them every other week.
7. Tell me about your locs (texture, length, size). Do you think any of these attributes have impacted how you care for your locs?
I’m probably a 4c. My coils are about the size of a pen spring. I’d say I have medium length hair for locs, and my locs are on the small end of the spectrum. More locs and more length result in longer re-tightening sessions. The longer my hair gets, the ” older” the ends get, and it becomes more important to keep it moisturized. My texture dictates the re-tightening pattern that I use.
8. What do you like/dislike most about having locs?
Sometimes I miss wearing an afro, and the longer it gets, the harder it gets to keep a curl. But in the end I want my hair as long as Lady Godiva.
9. How do you like to style them?
As my hair gets longer, I’m getting into more braided and twisted styles. I am also experimenting with more combs and hair ties
10. Anything else you want to share (tips, locs, life)? Is there a way we can follow you on social media?
I get a little concerned about the new natural hair mentality. I see a lot of concern about shrinkage and other things. Some of us are afraid to sweat. Locs are one of the best ways to wear your hair for an active lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the gym, taking a kickboxing class, whatever. My hair looks great whatever I do.
I have a blog where we occasionally share thoughts, styles, and other tips. We also have a Facebook page (Nappy-N-Happy) where we share pictures and product updates for our Nappy Locs line.
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