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5 Tips to Prevent Lint Build up in Your Locs This Winter

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Alright, as we know, winter decided to come all at once these past couple days. So for all those suffering through the cold, here are some tips to keep your locs looking fresh and lint-free.

5 Tips to Prevent Lint Build up in Your Locs This Winter (2)
The lint roller says; “Use meeee”
  1. Use a Lint Roller

If you have to wear Aunt Grey’s fuzzy sweater she gifted you to keep warm , make sure you run a lint roller over it first, to avoid lint transferring to your locs. This is good tip to use all year round to prevent fuzzies from your clothes ending up in your locs.

  1. Put Your Hair Up

If your locs are long enough, swoop them up into a bun or ponytail to avoid rubbing against your sweaters. Feel free to break out the bobby pins and clips with more pin-up styles if your locs are on the shorter spectrum.

  1. Switch Out Your Hat For Ear Muffs

If you have a fuzzy or lined hood, it can be difficult to avoid lint. If you can bare the cold, try using ear muffs instead of putting your hood up in order preserve your style/avoid lint in your locs.

  1. Tie a Satin Scarf Under Your Hood/Use Satin Lined Hat

If it’s too cold to avoid putting up your hood, grab your satin hair scarf/bonnet before you leave the house. You can wear these under your hat or you can decide to just tie the scarf like a ponytail around your locs to keep out lint from the length of your hair. There are also satin lined hats you can wear, if you prefer to leave the scarfs/bonnets at home.  

  1. Use Less “Sticky” Products

Even with all the protective measures, some lint from your hood, sweaters, and hats is bound to make its way to your locs. In order to prevent it from sticking, try avoiding styling gels/pomades/sticky moisturizers. Instead, switch to lighter oils such as jojoba oil or grapeseed oil in order to moisturize and retwist your roots.

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