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Locs Feature: Keisha

Photo of woman in a red shirt with sisterlocks that are grey towards the scalp and black/brown on the bottom
  1. Tell us about yourself. 

    My name is Keisha Johnson and I live in Tampa, Florida. I’m 46, I’m divorced and I have 3 beautiful daughters. I work in banking and I’m also a college professor teaching IT courses. 

  2. How long have you had locs and how many do you have?

    My sisterlocks were installed September 2014. I’m not sure how many I have. My daughter started counting once before but gave up after 200 something. But I would say approximately over 300.

  3. How do you take care/wash them? 

    I shampoo my locs about every 2 weeks. Only shampoo and no conditioner. I don’t apply oils. There’s not much care, but I often spritz them with water. I get my locs retightened every 7 weeks.

    Photo of woman looking down with sisterlocks that are grey towards the scalp and black/brown on the bottom

  4. Do your locs have any meaning to you? 

    My locs give me life, I absolutely love my sisterlocks and wish I’d made this decision long ago. Also, when I decided to stop dying my gray hair black, I began to love my locs even more.

  5. Any issues & how do you deal with them? 

    I don’t have any issues with my locs. I just allow them to grow and to be free.

  6. How did you start them? 

    My locs were started by a sisterlock trainee.

    Photo of woman with sisterlocks that are grey towards the scalp and black/brown on the bottom

  7. Tell us about your locs (texture, length, size). Do you think any of these attributes have impacted how you care for your locs?

    I was a loose natural 3 years prior to locs, but I cant remember what hair type…maybe 4c. My hair is bra strap length. My locs are sisterlocks size small to medium. None of these attributes have not impacted my locs.

  8. What do you like/dislike most about having locs? 

    I have no dislikes at all. I love the versatility and freedom of having locs. I’m so thankful I don’t have to worry about the rain and heat ruining them… My locs thrive from water.

  9. How do you like to style them? 

    I usually wear them down or in a ponytail. I try to avoid a lot of tension especially in the temple area.

  10. Anything else you want to share (tips, locs, life)? Is there a way we can follow you and your endeavors on social media that you would like to share?

    My advice is to be patient and trust the process. I have enjoyed every stage of my loc journey. I’m vegan and I have a very healthy diet. I strongly feel that what we eat shows on the outside.

    My Instagram is K_adore. Facebook is K_adore. Youtube is K_adore.

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6 thoughts on “Locs Feature: Keisha

  1. I just found out about this website after following a couple of image searches about locs. Woop woop! Wish I found out about it sooner. Keep it up! I’m really happy I found it and I will definitely look out for more of your posts.

    I’m 4 years loc’d and it for the long haul 🙂

    1. So glad to hear you like the blog. I love having locs and being to share my/others’ experiences. Congrats on being 4 years locd and hope you have a happy Sunday:)

  2. Thank you for the information and the featured lady beautiful. I am completely natural I usually wear a high top puff with curls but I’m looking to try my Afro twist out, what would you recommend? I have shoulder-length hair, and I love the look of the sisterlocks. How would I get started with it being so long? how long would it take to accomplish my desired look similar to the featured person? And the last question how does she keep her grey so white lol YAHWEH BLESS you

    1. Hi:) Glad you liked the feature! Before I had locs, I used to do a combo of high top puffs, twists, and twist-outs and more! There’s no real style I would recommend – just do what feels comfortable for you and also keep in mind how your hair responds (ie., if it gets really tangled after certain styles or not).

      I love Keisha’s sisterlocks as well! I know from her story that she’s had hers for over 6 years and started with about 6 inches or so of hair – take a look at this post here from 2019. She got hers started with a trainee. Official sisterlocks are ones done by consultants/trainees that you can find on the website here. There are others that may decide to get tiny locs akin to sisterlocks, but just aren’t done by a trainee or consultant. Everyone’s locs journey is different (sisterlocks or no), and some people’s locs take more or less time to mature and some have a lot of shrinkage and other’s do not!

      Lastly, I am not sure how she keeps her greys so beautiful! – but they’re nice to admire:)

  3. I am 64 years old with what I think is mostly 4B, over 1/2 gray. Length is 2 to 4 inches around hairline. The rest is about 8 to 14 inches when pulled tight. I have a couple of small spots of thinness and permanent hair loss from relaxer burn and too tight braids from years in the past along my front hair line and a thin spot in the top of my head. I’m considering getting large sister locs, or dreads. Do you think I am a good candidate, or not? I’m reluctant because of my age and length of hair. When I was younger, I had thick hair. It’s not as thick now, but not very thin. (I don’t want locs with my scalp showing.) What are your thoughts and suggestions for me?

    1. Hi Sandra – this is a good question. Styling with hair loss, thinning spots, and/or sensitive areas can be a challenge. Disclaimer – I speak a lot from my own experience, and while I have had relaxer burns/tight braids, I have not had significant experience in those areas. Given that and not seeing your own locs, I cannot say whether or not you will be a good candidate. However, I will say that if you haven’t, I would recommend speaking to a doctor on the hair loss/thinning spots if you have not already to look at your hairloss. Finding professionals that have specific knowledge and experience with black hair texture is difficult, but key.

      As for locs with hairloss/thinning areas in general, there are definitely options. If you install locs, I would recommend being very careful and gentle with retightening, and allowing for baby hairs and hairs next to thinning/balding areas to remain un-locd. This is something that I do for my locs as well. If you move forward with this idea, you can do a partial locs hairpiece to have full coverage of the areas that are thinning/bald. Here is a photo of locs with a partial hairpiece. While the end result looks beautiful – I still would be more careful with making sure to not loc areas that are close/surrounded by hairloss and thinning areas.

      Also, if you love the look of locs, but after research decide not to move forward with them, there are still other options such as locs wigs.

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