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Over Three Years Locd – Personal & Hair Growth

Left photo shows woman with locs in 2018 and right side shows same woman with longer locs in 2019.

It has been over three years locd. 2019 has flown by so fast with plenty of changes. I haven’t really been writing recently, so I think this yearly locs recap is good way to get back into it.

  1. Reaching new milestones…

While it would be interesting to see how much my locs grow each year, it’s not something I have consistently measured. However, it is always nice to track changes by different metrics – such as new styles I can do with my hair. I have been working out more this year, and I’ve noticed my hair nicely fits into a high ponytail, which it hadn’t before.

In the past 12 months I’ve made strides in my career as well. I’ve been settling into my new job (I work on the credit side of extending small business loans) and have received a promotion earlier this year. I honestly really like going to work (which is lucky position to be in) and feel challenged in a positive way.

Woman with locs in a high ponytail.
Ready(ish) for spin class.
  1. Re-visiting old goals…

Previously I had written about changing my interlocking schedule from a rolling basis (ie., whenever I notice a loc that needs retightening) to a set schedule (ie., every two months). I haven’t changed to a set schedule, and actually think a rolling basis works best for me. However, I still do need to work on my hand-in-hair issues, but that is definitely going to be a long term work in progress.

Sometime in 2018, I wrote out a “Life” list filled of goals I would like to accomplish and steps to help get there. I was able to cross some items off (eg., finding a new job or go back to school). However, there are number of items I didn’t get to or am re-shelving as no longer important and I’m okay with that.

  1. Future ideas…

Future plans for this blog and my locs are pretty simple. For my blog, I would like to get back in the groove of writing. As for my locs, I would like to meld a two headed loc and clean up some bulb ends in my locs. More details to come!

These next 12 months I really want to focus on being mindful with my time. I am looking for a balance between productivity and relaxation. Downtime is a healthy part of one’s life, but depending on how that downtime is spent, it can actually be more detrimental. I am looking to shift more of my downtime activities from surfing the web or movie streaming to playing piano or reading.


That is a wrap on my locs journey at three years locd and life updates over the past 12 months. Cheers to the next 12 that are in store. I hope everyone reading is enjoying their respective journeys (locs and otherwise).

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