Say Their Names: George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breona Taylor…

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Say Their Names: George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breona Taylor, and so many others. We are protesting out in the streets, contacting our legislators, elevating our voices, and crafting legislation for them and every other black person who has been and WILL BE unfairly targeted by the police.

These past weeks have been raw for us. They have picked on the wound that every black person in this country lives with every day. I wanted this space to be uplifting and positive for those in the locs community. Most of us in the locs community are people of color – black people – who already know that by wearing a traditionally black hairstyle we will be deemed “less than” by other members of society. 

We know we can be discriminated against by schools, not considered for jobs, and suffer at the hands of police for being black and locd. However, this space can not truly be for the locs community without (1) acknowledging that this system is designed to keep us as “less than” and (2) advocate and support ways in which we can dismantle this system and build it into one that fights for us. 

With that in mind I encourage everyone to continue fighting in whatever way they can, while also allowing space for joy in their lives. For those in California please support: ACA 6 – Free the Vote for Californians on Parole by reaching out to your CA State Senator. Remember – there are blueprints we can follow around the country and world that work, and when there is not, we will make our own way. Does your State have its own CROWN Act? – if not join the campaign to enact one and reach out to your representative. 

We will not only fight to end police brutality, but the criminalization of being black in this country. 

I will keep this post short and leave you all with this message from Kimberly Jones

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