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Locs Feature: Bethany

woman with tattoos, semi-freeform locs, and hat smiling at the camera
  1. Tell us about yourself. 
    Hiii, I’m Bethany! I’m 32 in September, I’m a wife and a mother of 3. I was raised in Southwest Florida and still live here – we live in paradise! My husband and I run a few different businesses, but my main focuses are health and beauty.

  2. How long have you had locs and how many do you have?
    I started my loc journey in July 2019 and I think I have somewhere around 50 locs.

  3. How do you take care/wash them?
    In the beginning I washed my hair almost everyday. This really helped forming them. And I would add moisture back to them with different oils. Now…, I haven’t really been as active with a regimen. However, recently I have been washing maybe every 10 days or so. I just wake up and go for the most part though. I don’t get them twisted, but sometimes I will do Bantu knots for a style for a few days and wear the twist out. 

    woman with locs staring to the side and sunlight filtering in
  4. Do your locs have any meaning to you?
    I didn’t think they would, but they do. I decided I wasn’t going to care what others may think. Believe me I still get asked, “omg why did u get dreads” or they’ll say “omg i miss your curls.” Maybe loc’ing my hair started with being a rebel, but then that mentality went into every aspect of my life. I wasn’t going to live my life by what others thought and said anymore. I started living and I started doing things the way I wanted to. My locs represent me BECOMING ME. And the most exciting part is, it’s just the beginning 🥰

  5. Any issues & how do you deal with them?
    I can say that in the beginning my hair loc’d up pretty quickly! BUT the front part of my hair was damaged from constantly pulling my hair up. So the hair was more stretched. I didn’t have a relaxer, but the hair wasn’t as curly as the rest of my head so it was definitely taking longer to loc up. I was getting a little annoyed and discouraged, but my husband would always remind me to be patient.

  6. How did you start them? 
    They’re considered semi-freeform. I let my hair do its thing, but once it started forming the locs I would separate the loc it formed. I wanted thicker locs but not too thick, so I did control that a bit.

    woman with pigtail locs outside in park
  7. Tell us about your locs (texture, length, size). Do you think any of these attributes have impacted how you care for your locs?
    My mother was Hispanic and my father was African American (both have passed) so my hair is kind of mixed up! –  It is definitely in the Cs though. 
    My hair was to my back when I started my journey, and now they barely touch my shoulders. My locs are semi-freeform and are different sizes. I’m loving how they are turning out.

  8. What do you like/dislike most about having locs?
    I love that my whole family is loc’d and I love that everyone’s locs are unique to them. 

  9. How do you like to style them? 
    Right now I have a few “go-to” styles – just down, with a hat, “space buns”, half up half down, a lil twisty updo, and Bantu knots.

  10. Anything else you want to share (tips, locs, life)? Is there a way we can follow you and your endeavors on social media that you would like to share?
    Do you! Do what works best for you! Yes, the beginning might be hard or discouraging, but embrace it  – and believe me it will be worth it! 

    You can follow me on Instagram @bethanythe_b_o_s_s
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