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Over One Year Locd – Personal Growth & Hair Growth


I actually wrote this article months ago, but it got deleted somehow. But that’s how life goes I guess when you don’t make backups…  Anyway, it’s been over one year locd for me, and a lot has changed. It has been interesting drawing parallels between my locs journey, and what’s being going on in the broader scope of my life as well. Here are some things I’ve experienced and learned along the way.

  1. Stop Worrying.

A big issue when I first locd my hair was worrying over everything. “Does it look okay?” “Are my parts uneven?” “Is it growing too slowly?” I soon began to realize that most of my worries were about what other people thought of it, or comparing myself to other people. Of course, that is normal to some extent – I didn’t want to be going to work looking jacked up after all. But there came a time, when I had to tell myself to let go off all that.

  • I know my hair looks fine, so I don’t need to worry about that.
  • I don’t have or need perfect parts.
  • My hair is growing, and there is no such thing as “too slowly” because it is not a race. It’s doing its own thing, so I should just do mine.
  1. Document Progress

This isn’t necessary for everyone, but it has been good for me. I am comfortable with how my hair is now, but sometimes would wonder if it had even changed it all over the past year. My hair wasn’t the most healthy when I locd it. It was covered with split ends and fairy knots, and I had a lot of breakage when I first locd it. Despite that, it has still grown and the breakage has greatly diminished. Sometimes when I look in the mirror and think that nothing has changed, it is nice to look back at an old picture and realize that even though I don’t notice the day-to-day changes, there has still been movement.

I have really taken that to heart with my life. I am not where I expected I would be, in terms of my career and personal life, but I have made so much progress from where I was a year ago. I keep a journal too, and it has been beneficial for me to be able to look back and reflect on how things have changed.

  1. Revaluate

 I have kept my routine pretty simple from the beginning and that hasn’t changed too much. As they say, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I still wash my hair about every two weeks, and only with shampoo. The only real difference I have made is changing from retwisting to interlocking. I am so happy with this update, as it’s decreased the time I spend doing my hair even more.

One Year Later…

Over one year later, I am I still loving locs. I love rolling out of bed without having to do anything to my hair. I love how they look and compliment my overall style. I can’t lie though – every once in a while I miss my fro. However, I have still never seriously considered taking down my locs. I am enjoying the journey and am open to seeing what happens next.


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