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Whoopi’s Breakfast at the Big Kitchen Cafe

I’ve been meaning to stop by Big Kitchen Cafe to take some pictures and eat some breakfast for some time now. Why, you may ask? Well, the diner is one of the places Whoopi Goldberg used to work at when she lived in San Diego in the 1970’s. Apparently, she worked at a couple other places including a bank and a funeral home, in order to support herself, and her dream of become an actor.* She is definitely a loc icon, so I thought it would be interesting to check out one of the places that played a part in her life’s journey.


The Diner

The diner is homey and relatively unassuming looking (as most diners are). I took a seat outside and decided to get the Whoopi’s Breakfast for brunch. Honestly, Whoopi’s Breakfast is pretty expensive, and isn’t something I normally would get while out for brunch (it is something I like to make at home though). But as they say “when in Rome…”

A look inside the restaurant.


The Food

Whoopi’s breakfast consists of two eggs any style, hashbrowns, thick cut bacon, two slices of toast and a glass a freshly squeezed OJ. I do have to say, it was a perfect meal after my bike ride there. I was also treated to some live music while I ate, so all in all, it was the perfect Saturday afternoon.

From the menu.


The Person (Whoopi Goldberg!)

One of the most iconic things about Whoopi is her locs. She started her locs, because in her words, “I didn’t want to comb my hair.” ** She says this in an interview published on Oprah’s OWN youtube channel. I’d recommend checking it out. She is someone who has strived to succeed while being herself. All of this was done inspite of what others might say/have said about her. That kind of bravery is something to look up to and emulate in our own day to day lives.


* Notable Biographies

** Whoopi OWN Interview

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