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3 The Wrap Life Wraps and Locs Wrap Styles

Black woman on orange couch looking down a notebook with hair up on a high bun with denim blue hair wrap

I normally wear my locs down, but I have been eyeing the updos done with The Wrap Life wraps. I haven’t seen The Wrap Life feature models with locs yet unfortunately. Nevertheless, I was still inspired by the styles, so I knew I would have to purchase some and do my own locs wrap styles at some point. The time came a few months back before I went on vacation to the Philippines. A volcano had erupted a week or so prior to my arrival, and I heard it might be a bit dusty out due to that. I figured I would wear hair wraps to protect my locs from any volcanic ash or pollution in the air. My wraps arrived right in the nick of time before I left for my flight, so I was super excited to be able to bring them along for the journey.

Well as it turned out, I ended up not wearing The Wrap Life wraps at all during my vacation and just used my usual thin scarf that doubles as a hair tie. In fact, for the past few months (vacation included) my wraps have just been tucked away – unused. However, I decided earlier this week that I would finally take out my The Wrap Life scarves to do some locs wrap styles and write about my experience. The three I purchased* were the Stretch Flow, Flow, and Denim wraps.

Hunter Stretch Flow & Locs Wrap Style

Black woman with green scarf sitting on patio chair.

The first one I tried was the Hunter Stretch Flow from The Wrap Life. It is the shortest of the three and has the most stretch; however, I found it to be the heaviest. I did an open pineapple bun locs wrap style with the wrap. Honestly, I found the scarf to be a bit heavy for me and it tugged on my locs as well. I ended up taking it down half way through the day, due to that feeling. I also wasn’t in love with how I styled it (which is a personal problem…). However, I do plan on trying it again, and just doing other locs wrap styles before giving up on this one. 

Bordeaux Flow & Locs Wrap Style

Black woman standing on patio with pink shirt and bordeaux colored head wrap. Palm trees and bright blue clear skies in the background.

The next is the Bordeaux Flow, and I did a covered pineapple locs wrap style. This scarf is the most lightweight of the three from The Wrap Life and was my favorite to wear of the locs wrap styles I tried. The material itself doesn’t have much stretch to it, but the little folds allow for some “give,” and make it easier to work with. This one also is the widest and longest of the three, so for those with long locs that want to cover it all under the wrap, this is your best bet. However, in terms of longevity, I don’t know how this one will hold up to being washed given the thin material.

Best Denim Head Wrap & Locs Wrap Style

Black woman on orange couch looking down a notebook with hair up on a high bun with denim blue hair wrap

The last one I tried was the Best Denim Head Wrap from The Wrap Life. This wrap is the shortest width wise of the three, so I chose to style it as if it was a long hair tie. With that in mind, I wrapped it around my locs in order to shape a high bun. I really loved this simple locs wrap style and the wrap in general. The denim wrap is made of structured yet soft 100% cotton, which made it a breeze to style. With the material being cotton; I think this one will stand up well over time. 


That was my experience styling my locs with The Wrap Life scarves. All their scarves have their pros and cons. I will definitely splurge again on some different styles and colors. Aside from them being stylish, these wraps were great for abating my HIH syndrome. Check out The Wrap Life on their website or see their styles on Instagram if you’d like to get inspired or purchase one of your own. I know I already have my eye on their bandies. They currently are all sold out, which is probably best for my wallet. Hope you enjoyed seeing these locs wrap styles and get inspired to try out some styles on your own!

*This post is not sponsored and these products were purchased by myself

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