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Interview Looks with Locs

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My whole working career I’ve had my hair natural. I didn’t have locs for my first professional job, and typically wore my hair in a puff. It’s been a few years, but I believe I had my hair in yarn braids on my interview day for that job.

When I moved to San Diego I locd my hair soon after. After that, I was then on the hunt for a new job. My locs were a bit shorter than shoulder length at the time. On a day to day basis I typically wore my hair down, but didn’t feel completely comfortable with that look for my interview day. I was a bit self conscious and had reached a point in my journey where I felt my locs weren’t growing.

Locs in The Workplace

There is a lot to say with locs and perceived professionalism in the working world. There have been a lot of documented cases of people unfairly discriminating against employees/potential hires with locs. – Competent employees fired for their refusal to change their hairstyles. This type of discrimination has rightly been accused as a way of targeting the black men and women who typically wear those styles. 

My Experience

All of that said, I did have it in the back of my mind of how my locs could affect my prospects in the job market. However, whatever hesitancy I had was outweighed by the conviction and privilege I had. That is, I was willing wait for a company that didn’t believe locs and professionalism were at odds. Fortunately, I don’t believe I personally encountered any discrimination against my locs. Reactions to my locs at work have all ranged from the equally acceptable responses of indifference to complimentary. 

Either way, I thought it would be helpful to share my experience. Also, I thought it would just be fun to just recreate some prior locs looks and outfits from the past. 

Look One…

This first dress I always think of as my “go to interview dress.” Super light and comfortable. This was the dress I wore for my first job out of school. 

Look Two…

On my second look, I was already settled in my job at the time, but was looking for something different. A side swiped bun was my favorite way to style my starter locs for interviews. This particular interview was during the winter on the east coast. I wore a turtleneck dress from Zara with capped sleeves. 

Look Three…

My third and final look is from my most recent job. I think it was my first time wearing pants to an interview and I also wore my hair down that time. I am happy at my current job and writing this has been nostalgic thinking of how I got there. 

Thanks for stopping by! Best of luck to any locers looking for some inspiration on their job hunt.

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1 thought on “Interview Looks with Locs

  1. So glad that you’ve maintained this blog for so long. Your photos are some of the first to come up on Google Images for dreadlocks hair growth so you’re doing fantastic work.

    Your photos inspired me to take the plunge and loc my hair in December 2017. It’s been over 3 years and I can’t stop admiring my hair now. I feel like I finally look like myself – better than I ever did with fake weaves and wigs.

    I was wondering what my hair would look like at the 5 year mark and stumbled on your blog again. You look gorgeous. I’m just excited about the future of my own hair after seeing yours. Lol.

    Keep up the good work.

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