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5 of The Most Eye Catching Afropunk Locd Looks

afropunk locd looks text on left hand side and locslife on the right. centered, is a photo of a woman with long curly locs and white freckles

Aside from elevating black artists, Afropunk’s Instagram feed and events serve as a feast for the eyes. Afropunk was founded in the early 2000s to highlight the black punk scene. Outside of physical events, Afropunk has been constant in the years of highlighting black artistic talent and beauty. Read below to see some Afropunk locd looks and about the artists themselves.

Afropunk Locd Looks

1. This photo was taken at Afropunk 2019 in Atlanta. The artist is Braylen Dion – a young photographer and filmmaker. To quote himself, “My purpose is to capture blackness in a more soft or calming way.”

2. Christan Cody, director and image maker, photographed this model featured on Afropunk’s instagram feed. “As an image maker, he pulls inspiration from his environment and cultural nuances and fuses those inspirations into visual explorations of Black beauty.”

3. Serving us a doe eyed look through with some white freckles is our next feature. Alexis’s long and curly locs really pull the whole look together.

4. Here is Artist Moses Sumney, photographed by Asheville, NC based Emmanuel Figaro. If you love the look, then you’ll love the performance.

5. Last up we have a cosplay look from Tygee Sensei as Shoto Todoroki. The photographer behind this look is Raven B Greene. The Charleston based photographer has had her other work published in places such as Time.

Thanks for stopping by to take a lot at these features from Afropunk! If you’d like to see some more looks then check out these 16 Celebrity Faux Locs Looks.


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