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16 Celebrity Faux Locs Looks To Try This Year

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From Zendaya to Rihanna and Lupita to Issa Rae, there are so many celebrities that have rocked faux locs over the years. However, it is no surprise given the instant drama and allure faux locs can add to a look. Take a look below to see some celebrity faux locs looks. Some of the celebs listed may surprise you and inspire you to try faux locs or even loc your own hair!

1 Issa Rae

Issa Rae Faux Locs Look. Issa is sitting down with a no sleeves black turtle neck top. Her hair is cornrowed back into a 1/2 top bun with the rest of it down her back.
Issa Rae x Emily Cotton Top

Issa brought us into 2022 wondering what’s next after she concluded her masterpiece of Insecure. Here though is a lookback of an elegant faux locs look she donned for an interview in 2018. She has melded in cornrows on her crown to faux locs down her back to perfection.

2  Logan Browning

Logan Browning Celebrity Faux Locs Looks. Two photos together in one with logan wearing a green patterned dress and brown locs with lighter gold ones wrapped around in a pony tail. Plant wall backdrop
Logan Browning x The Fashionista Stories

Logan, best known for starring in “Dear White People”, looks ethereal with this locs look. Here, her brown and gold faux locs are tightly bound in a locs ponytail.

3 Rihanna

Rihanna Celebrity Faux Locs Look. Wearing a red dress with thick faux locs down her shoulders. She is walking down a carpeted staircase - scene from oceans 8 movie
Rihanna x LA Times

Rihanna stunned audiences around the world with her faux locs look in the “Ocean’s 8” movie. Unsurprisingly, she has worn this look before and looked just as great.

4 Zendaya

Zendaya Celebrity Faux Locs Look from the 2015 Oscars. She is wearing a white gown with pearl earrings. Her locs are lightly tied back while the bulk of it surrounds her shoulders.
Zendaya x Glamour

Zendaya’s faux locs sparked debate in 2015 when she wore them to the Oscars. But today we’re all about fawning over how she styled them. Here she has them lightly pulled back with a few gold locs accessories which go perfectly with her overall look

5 Meagan Good

Meagan Good Celebrity Faux Locs Look. She is wearing a green halter dress with red lipstick and hoop earings. Her faux locs are long and free-flowing. She is looking straight ahead to the camera.
Meagan Good x Glamour

In our next look, Megan styles her faux locs down for the 2015 Choice Awards. She wears long locs often such as in her engaging Amazon prime series, Harlem. A definite favorite celebrity faux locs look.

6 Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan Celebrity Faux Locs Look as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. Michael is wearing a blue jean jacket with locs up in a ponytail and the front locs are styled via side swept bangs.
Michael B Jordan x Black Panther

This locs look was a massive spark and inspiration for many men to start their own locs/change styles. Michael grew his hair out and had extensions added to complete the look he wore as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther

7 Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor Celebrity Faux Locs Look. She is in a Versace dressing room holding up a top in front of her. Her gold faux locs are styled in a 1/2 bun and 1/2 down style. The front and back of her locs are visible from the mirror.
Teyana Taylor x Vogue

Singer, model, record holder of fastest selling adidas sneakers in 2013, and more! Teyana is wearing her faux locs in a half top bun with her baby hairs out in this pic. A casually chic look as she shops at a Versace boutique.

8 Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey Gold Celebrity Faux Locs Look. Here she is posing in a white dress for the Met 2021 Gala. Her golden locs are up in a ponytail.
Chlöe x Instagram

If you thought faux looks were just for unlocd hair think again! Here, Chlöe showcases the versatility of locs with these golden white wrapped locs for the 2021 Met gala.

9 Chloe Bailey (again!)

Chloe Bailey Red Celebrity Faux Locs Look. Her she is staring straight ahead at the camera with red faux locs, a blue balenciaga top and thigh high black leather boots.
Chlöe x Instagram

Next look is Chlöe again! Chlöe still wasn’t done after her golden white wrapped faux locs. Here she is with her deep red faux locs wrapped around her real ones.

10 Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer Celebrity Faux Locs Look. Her she is posing for a mirror selfie with her phone in frame. She is wearing a pink patterned spaghetti strapped dress and a pink cardigan
Keke Palmer x Instagram

Here Keke Palmer is posing in front of a mirror for a selfie with her locs fanning her. The faux locs add to the fun and flirty look.

11 Angela Bassett

Angela Basset Celebrity Faux Locs Look of black panther. white faux locs wig with blue shirt and angela is looking off camera
Angela Bassett x Black Panther

Next up is Angela Bassett as Ramonda in “Black Panther“. These faux locs were actually woven into a wig that Angela wore during the movie.

12 Ciara

Ciara Celebrity Faux Locs Look. Here she is sitting on a bed with a white fluffy blanket up to her chest. Her long faux locs are draping down one side of her chest, while the rest are at her back or up in the 1/2 bun.
Ciara x Instagram

Ciara looks straight out of winter wonderland in this photo. Her multicolored locs just really tie the look together.

13 Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Celebrity Faux Locs Look. Here Lupita is leaning against a bicycle with a multicolored backdrop outside. She is wearing a red patterned jumpsuit and her locs are styled in a high up ponytail.
Lupita x Instagram

Lupita is straight posing here in this photo taken in Ghana. From the background, to the outfit, to her faux locs updo – what’s not to like?

14 Susan Kelechi

Susan Kelechi Celebrity Faux Locs Look. She is wearing a dark red/purple lipstick and has faux locs down her back.
Susan Kelechi x Instagram

If you’ve seen Susan on “This is Us”, you know Susan is no stranger to pulling off multiple hair styles! These faux locs she is spotting wearing here are no exception.

15 Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Celebrity Faux Locs Look. She is smiling with her eyes closed and locs are in two pigtails at the sides of her head. She has orange sunglasses on and gold hoop earrings.
Megan Thee Stallion x Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion is rocking her faux locs in two long pigtails. She said it’s the longest she’s kept a style and we can see why!

16 Natasha Rothwell

Natasha Rothwell Celebrity Faux Locs Look. Natasha is posing for a portrait - wearing a blue top with a green one underneath. The backdrop is green as well. Her faux locs are 1/2 up with side swept bangs and the length of the hair is resting on her shoulders
Natasha Rothwell x The Cut

Natasha is stunning with her side swept bangs and loosely bound ponytail. Her post “Insecure” dreams include film and television directing. The sky is the limit for her and I am excited to see whatever she does next.

Hope you enjoyed this look through of celebrity faux locs looks inspo. Did you have a favorite? Also, have any of these celeb looks inspired you to try faux looks before?

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