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Loc Looks of Black Panther

Marvel Studios. Michael B Jordan as Erik Killmonger

I am a little late to the party, but I finally saw Black Panther this past week. I loved all the stylistic fashion and hair combinations – many of which combined avant garde elements with traditional African sartorial pieces. Of course, I couldn’t help but pay the most attention the loc looks of Black Panther. In particular, there were three people’s locs that captured my attention.

1. Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger


His locs were the first I noticed while watching Black Panther. There were three styles he wore them in – up in a pony-tail, plaited down his head, and loose. I am a fan of all three looks and think they are good inspiration for anyone looking into how to style shorter locs. Per this article by The Cut, he grew out his hair for a bit before they locd it with some added extensions for the role.

2. Angela Bassett as Ramonda


A couple things stood out to me about Angela’s locs. First off, I really liked the touch of having a white ombre into the darker shade locs at the bottom and not just having all white locs. While it was never discussed in the movie, I believe the juxtaposition of the two really showcase growth and wisdom that happen with time. However, my only issue for this look was how blunt the hairline appeared. I wish they had thinned out the wig a bit more to give the hairline a more natural look. Either way, the time and effort into creating this look can’t be disputed. This article goes into a bit of detail on the making of her wig – which apparently was a month long process of adding about 110 hand-made locs onto a wig.

3. Connie Chiume as a Mining Tribe Elder


I first pinned this look as being of the Masaai tribe, but it actually appears to be inspired from Namibia’s Himba tribe. The reddish tint traditionally is formed from an otjize mixture, which is composed of animal fat and ochre pigment. Ignoring the tone-deaf title, this article has a lot of information on the Himba tribe and significance of their hair. 

** All images are courtesy of Marvel Studios

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