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Washing Locs – How I Wash My Locs

Castor OIl, Tea Tree Shampoo, and Applicator Bottle

Today was wash day. It actually is something I dreaded when I wore my hair out as a loose natural and even when my hair was relaxed. The tangles, planning and braiding were always a part of wash day. However, now with my hair locd, it is a breeze. I won’t lie, in the beginning of my loc journey I had to deal with tangling at the roots and spending an hour retwisting my locs. Now that my loc roots have stabilized and I am interlocking, wash day is pretty easy though. Read on to see how to wash your locs – or at least see how I wash mine!

How I Wash My Locs

I wash with a generous dollop of shampoo, diluted with a few ounces of water and sometimes a drop of castor oil. I shake everything well and pour the mixture throughout my scalp. Next, I rub and gently scrap my scalp while the water passes through my hair. I generally like to keep my nails short, but having them a bit longer is good for wash day.

Because of the nature of locs, it is a bit more difficult to get to all areas of the scalp. The best time to wash is before retwisting. This is because you can lift the loc and make sure your entire scalp underneath it is scrubbed. I spend 95% of my time making sure my scalp is clean before rinsing through the length of my hair to remove any excess shampoo.

About My Shampoo Mixture

Shampoo – I love the Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo. The peppermint and tea tree essence feel really invigorating. Plus, I like that it is unscented without any heavy dye coloring. I am very sensitive to smell and prone to dandruff, so this shampoo has been a good product for me.

Water – I find diluting with water to be important to make sure all the shampoo gets to every part of my scalp. Also, I like it for the times where I use castor oil. I really do not like using thick oils on my hair, because I am afraid of product build up, but the water dilution helps prevent that.

Castor Oil – I use castor oil on wash day only if I feel that my hair has been brittle. It doesn’t have a heavy scent and helps keep my hair feeling soft. I find this a great alternative to using conditioner. This is because there is less chance for build-up and unnecessary products in my hair.  

pillow case wrap


After washing, I gently wring my hair out and then wrap it up in a pillowcase for about an hour. I find pillowcases to be gentler on the hair as opposed to a towel. I like to wash my hair earlier in the day so that it can dry faster with the sun. You can get mildew in your locs if they don’t ever dry, so I like to give my hair the whole day. I might use a hair-dryer when my locs get longer, but the pillow case/air drying method has been working so far for now.

I generally do not like to interlock right after washing my hair. When your hair is wet, it is at its most elastic point; therefore, I prefer to wait, so I’m not overstretching or over-tightening my locs. Instead, I usually interlock sporadically every other month, so that I never have to do a huge section of my hair all at once.

And that’s it! That’s my wash day routine today, and most other days.

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