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Could Rihanna’s Faux Locs Mean More?

Source. Rihanna performing at the American Idol Finale Performance 2012

Rihanna’s faux locs have been cropping up in celebrity news this past week and a half. However, you won’t see the the above photo in her recent Instagram feed. Does it look familiar? It’s actually from 2012 when she wore faux locs for the American Idol Finale. She is taking a slightly different look with her faux locs this time though – switching from the smaller size and straight fringe to the Bob Marley inspired slightly chunkier ones. 

Just two weeks before debuting her new style, a federal appeals courts ruled that it was legal for companies to ban applicants wearing locs. Could her loc extensions be a form of a political expression against this or is it perhaps a coincidence? 

Whatever the reason may be – her faux locs send and help reinforce a statement. Locs (faux and otherwise) are beautiful and here to stay. Here are some photos of Rihanna with her new faux locs if you’d like to admire her new look. Which is your favorite? 








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