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Locs & Art: 4 Beautiful Pieces

Art feeds the soul just as food nourishes our bodies. Here are a few pieces by some very talented people. Please follow these hardworking artists and support their craft by visiting their pages, viewing their galleries, pondering their meanings, and purchasing available pieces so we can continue to be inspired. After all, what is life without art?

1. Look familiar? This is a piece of Jaden Smith. Isa draws those who inspire him. The concept here is a neat one – life is bursting from the seams as the roots of the flowers grow from the roots of Jaden’s locs.


2. Aaron is an art activist, and many of his pieces (drawings and photographs) reflect as such.  The former NFL player’s pieces are beautiful as they are unapologetic. Here he is working on a piece for the National Urban League Conference that happened in August. There is much to say about this man’s inspiring journey, and I encourage every to visit his site to learn more. 


3. Tom Bancroft is an animator known for his work with Disney. He contributed his animation skills to classics such as “The Lion King” and “Mulan.” Here, the animator has depicted Chelsea Miller (DJ Millie’), as a mermaid. The determined smirk he has managed to delineate makes me feel that this mermaid is up to no good in the best kind of way. 


4. There’s not much I can say about who this artist is, but their art speaks for itself. This piece, titled “sobriety” caught my eye. I found the use of “blocks” to build this portrait very symbolic. I see it at as a parallel of construction – of exactly what, I can’t put my finger on.


What do you guys think of the pieces? Do they have any meaning to you?


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