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How to Wash Your Starter Locs

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Whether you have loose hair or locs, having a proper shampoo routine is critical for a healthy scalp and residue free hair. But can you even wash starter locs? There are some misconceptions that washing your starter locs too early (eg., first month) in the process will prevent your hair from locing. However you can rest assured that this is not true. You can safely wash your starter locs without inhibiting the process. Not only can you, but you should wash your starter locs for healthy hair.

Before getting into how to wash your starter locs, you may be wondering, how often? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. But two tips would be:

  1. Take into account how often you wash your hair before locing it.
  2. You may need to adjust your wash routine to be more frequent if your scalp is itchy.  

Alright, now let’s move onto methods. Below are a few different ways to shampoo and rinse your starter locs without fear of having to start your loc journey all over again! Remember though, it is normal for locs in general to unravel a bit at the ends and close to your scalp after washing. It’s fine to retwist your ends, but make sure to be careful about over twisting your locs at the root. 

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Wash Starter Locs Gently 

It goes without saying, but you should shampoo and rinse your starter locs carefully. One way to wash gently is to wash your loose locs section by section. When you are done, wait for your locs to dry and retwist any loosened ends. This method works well for medium sized/smaller starter locs started with braids or twists,

Braids or Twists

You can also section your hair into large twists or braids. For added protection you can use a hair band on the ends of each section. This will keep your starter locs secure while washing. As such, this is a good way to wash any type of starter locs/hair textures.

Wash Starter Locs With a Stocking Cap

For more protection you can use a light stocking cap or durag. With this method, you put the stocking cap over your locs to keep them from unraveling while shampooing and rinsing your locs. When complete, you can remove the durag for a quick (30 seconds to a minute) final rinse. This is a great option if your locs are too short to twist or braid and if you started your locs with a method like comb coils. 

Starting off your locs journey with a good shampoo routine is an excellent way to begin a healthy locs journey. Those are three methods you can use to wash your starter locs, while trying to prevent your locs from unraveling. You can use whichever method that works best for you and your starter locs.

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