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Four Hydrating Rose Water Sprays For Locs

pink rose petals in a wooden circular bowl. white background.

Rose water sprays have been making their rounds on social media, but is rose water actually useful? Yes – it is, and rose water sprays can be used on your locs as well. Rose water has its origins from Iran. The simple mixture has been used for generations for perfumes as well as medicinal, culinary, and other cosmetic applications. Roses are full of antioxidants and have antimicrobial and stress relieving properties. As such, they are great to use in your locs and self care routines. Below I’ve put together 4 rose water sprays for locs. 

Rose Water Base

Before getting into mixing various sprays, it is important to have a proper base for your rose water mixture. There are many different rose water mixes you can use, but I’m going to focus on two avenues. 

  1. Purchased Spray. 
    • The best rose water sprays for locs are ones with minimal ingredients. Some options include:
      1. Rose water from Heritage Store. Made from rose essential oils and distilled water. 
      2. Rose water from Mountain Rose Herbs. A rose water hydrosol.
  2. DIY Rose Water & Rose Water Hydrosol
    • You can make your own rose water hydrosol for locs by boiling dried or fresh roses in distilled water. As for rose water, you can make that by mixing distilled water and rose essential oil. If you decide to make a rose water hydrosol, keep in mind that it has a shorter shelf life than a store bought one (estimates of 3-6 months if refrigerated). 

Simple: Rose Water Spray

Rose water by itself is a great spray to use on your locs without any additional ingredients. You can start with rose water made from any of the methods described above. Rose water has some light moisturizing capabilities. And, it is extremely lightweight, which is great for avoiding buildup in locs. 


  • 4 fl oz Rose Water
  • 4 drops Rose Essential Oil**
    • Optional: You may decide to add a drop of rose essential oil for home made rose water hydrosol recipes to increase the potency/fragrance. **


  • Mix ingredients together in a sterilized spray bottle and shake well before each use.

Moisturize: Rose Water & Light Oil Spray 

empty bottle on top of pink rose ptals for rose water and oil spray on locs

For those looking for a bit of extra moisturization for your locs, using a rose water spray with a light carrier oil is a great option. The key word here is using a light carrier oil. Thus, I would avoid oils such as coconut oil to avoid buildup in locs


  • 4 fl oz Rose Water
  • 1 tsp Light Carrier Oil (eg., Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil) 


  • Mix ingredients together in a sterilized spray bottle and shake well before each use. 

Scalp Stimulation: Rose & Peppermint Spray 

peppermint leaf for rose water and peppermint spray for locs

Peppermint oil and rosewater are a great combination for reinvigorating your scalp and calming itchiness. A 2016 study found peppermint oil helpful for chronic itchiness. Moreover, the cooling and tingly effects of peppermint are a great combination for relaxation. A separate 2016 study found that menthol, a primary ingredient of peppermint,  increases blood flow. Which is why a rose water peppermint spray is perfect for use in scalp massages to increase circulation. 


  • 4 fl oz Rose Water 
  • 1 tsp Light Carrier Oil 
  • 2 drops Peppermint Oil 


  • Mix carrier oil and peppermint oil separately in a sterilized spray bottle and then add rose water. Shake well before each use. 

Soothe & Protect: Rose & Aloe Vera Spray 

aloe vera plan in pot with purple background

Rose water and aloe vera together work synergistically to moisturize, protect and soothe your locs and scalp. Aloe vera is soothing and has sunscreen protection capabilities. A study published in the Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources showed aloe vera offers some protection from chemical damage caused by the exposure to UV radiation. 


  • 3.5 fl oz Rose Water 
  • .5 fl oz Aloe Vera


Mix ingredients together in a sterilized spray bottle and shake well before each use. 

Those are four rose water sprays you can use on your locs. What’s great about these combinations are they are quite simple and you can mix and match them depending on your locs needs. Do you have a rose water spray you use on your locs? If so, what do you mix (if anything) in your spray? 

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