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Seahawks Running Back, Marshawn Lynch, Knows How to Handle His Money

Image courtesy of Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch. Image courtesy of Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The unfortunate reality for a few football players is the story of making millions to soon becoming bankrupt. Bankruptcy filing rates among retired NFL players stands at around 16%.

Marshawn Lynch isn’t taking this lightly and has reportedly not spent any of his playing money (which amounts to $50 million). It is incredibly important to not go bankrupt in a career where medical treatment is often a necessity. NFL players often are subject to lifelong medical issues due to injuries such as ACL tears, rotator cuff injuries, and concussions. A study has come out recently stating that those with one concussion may triple the long term risk of suicide. It is imperative football players save money for the physical and mental injuries related to their career in order to maximize their well-being. Of course Marshawn Lynch’s medical expenses are unlikely to cost $50 million, but I’m sure it feels good to build up a net-worth.

Furthermore, it’s great to see the media reporting and ‘glamorizing’ instances of saving money. Also, take note this is a successful man with locs. Sure not all readers here are aspiring to be a NFL player, but still, I definitely take this as win for positive representation of successful people with locs in the media.

*Feature image courtesy of Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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