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Top 3 Methods to Combine Your Locs

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Sometimes you start your loc journey and realize, “I have too many locs.” The feeling may come from the greater maintenance requirements of a higher count of locs. Or it may come from just deciding you prefer the look of larger locs on yourself. You may think you need to start your locs journey all over again, but stop right there. Actually, you can combine your locs to get the look you want.

Freeform & Semi-Freeform Method

The easiest way to combine your locs is to transition to the freeform/semi freeform method. By doing this, the roots of your locs will naturally combine over time. You can still combine the other two methods below for your existing locs in order to have a uniform sized loc. Moreover, you can use rubber bands to help you along on a larger semi-freeform journey.

Braids & Twists Method

woman with back of hair showing. woman has locs which have been twisted and have rubber bands at the end. hair is half black and half brown
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Braiding or twisting your locs is a great way to combine them. Twisting your locs will maintain the circular look from the beginning and you maintain great control over the new larger size you like. If you decide to twist your locs to combine them, I would recommend braiding the last inch or so in order to prevent unraveling. Another way to handle that is to put rubber bands at the end.

Given you need 3 parts to make a braid and if you use only two locs, you may wonder, “is it even possible to braid the ends?”

Yes it is. 

What you do in those circumstances, is use a crochet hook to unloc a bit of the ends, and then after you finish twisting your locs, you can braid the loose hair at the ends. This is of course, totally up to you. However, I developed serious hand-in-hair syndrome for my loc ends I twisted that didn’t quite loc up!

Crochet Method

before and after combining locs with crochete method. from 80 to 20 dreadlocks
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The final method for combining locs is the crochet method. This method has a bit of a learning curve if you are not used to it unlike braiding or twisting. However, there are various videos that can teach you how. Moreover, you can always go to a loctician to combine your locs via the crochet method. The benefit of combining your locs with this method is that you’ll instantly have the loc size you want without the indentation of braids or twists. 

Those are the 3 main ways to combine your locs. You can use any of these methods to combine all of your locs, or just a few that you find to be too small. Have you ever combined any of your locs? If so, how did you do it? 

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