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Are Locs Low Maintenance?

woman with locs wearing yellow dress and beautifully done makeup stares off screen. on the right half of the photo the text are locs low maintenance? is there with an arrow below

Are locs low maintenance? The answer to that depends on a few factors. However, in general yes they are low maintenance. 

Before going into detail, you should keep in mind low maintenance is a relative term. You’ll likely be comparing it to how long you spend on your hair now vs with locs. 

You may also consider the timing of maintenance too. 

Perhaps you consider 1 entire day of retwisting locs better than a consistent 45 minutes a day styling loose natural locs? It’s all relative, however, there are some facts which can help point you to how low maintenance locs will be for you.


One deciding factor for determining the maintenance level of your locs is your lifestyle. Do you swim or go to the beach a lot? Or perhaps do heavy or moderate exercise? If so, you’ll need to wash and care for your locs more deliberately.  This is not to say that if you have locs and exercise that your locs would be more maintenance than compared to loose natural hair. Rather, it means that’ll be a bit more maintenance in general. 

Locs Type

The locs size you choose is one of the biggest, if not biggest decider in locs maintenance. In general, the smaller the locs size, the more maintenance it will be. That’s due to the simple fact it’ll be more locs to retwist. 

Sisterlocks are high maintenance in that regard as well. Even though you may not need to do much daily, the retwist times are long. Moreover, you’ll need to take time to schedule with a licensed sisterlocks consultant

Personal Preference

The last factor on whether your locs will be low maintenance or not is your personal preference. Do you like dyeing your hair and doing elaborate styles? Or perhaps, do you prefer slicked back baby hairs and the fresh retwist look? If so, you’ll need to spend more time getting ready with products and retwists. 

Preferring a slicked back look as well may mean you choose palm rolling over a method like interlocking. Interlocking gives you fuzzier locs at the root, but is quicker.  

Lastly, a matter of preference would be if you will go to a loctician to maintain your locs and how frequently you want to go. 

woman with locs stares straight ahead at camera and has one hand cupping her neck

Overall, the general consensus of locs is that they’re low maintenance. Humidity or rain won’t mess up a hairstyle. Morever, locs give you the ultimate wash and go routine.

However, like most things you could end up in a situation where your locs aren’t as easy to care for as you thought they would be. 

Luckily those factors as mentioned above are in general changeable. So if you end up with high maintenance locs you can always make some changes (eg., combine locs or change locing method) to end up with lower maintenance locs!


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