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Seahawks Running Back, Marshawn Lynch, Knows How to Handle His Money

The unfortunate reality for a few football players is the story of making millions to soon becoming bankrupt. Bankruptcy filing rates among retired NFL players stands at around 16%. Marshawn Lynch isn’t taking this lightly and has reportedly not spent any of his playing money (which amounts to $50 million). It is incredibly important to not go bankrupt in a career…

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Upcoming Food Section

As Lauryn Hill said, “How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within?” I’m going to apply this here to eating as a means to nourish your body, soul and hair. In order to grow healthy locs, we must examine what we’re eating. Products may cover up the symptoms sometimes, but eating a balanced diet is what is needed. With…

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Locs Feature: Debra, 4C

  1. Tell me about yourself. I am an entrepreneur, an avid trail hiker, jewelry maker, published photographer, cyclist, and stargazer. I’m basically a nerd with three grown kids, and three grand kids.   2. How long have you had locs and how many do you have? I have worn locs since 1999 and this is my third set. My…

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Loc’d Business: Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

As defined by google:   a·mal·gam əˈmalɡəm/ noun a mixture or blend. “a curious amalgam of the traditional and the modern” — Ariell R. Johnson is getting me nostalgic about my home city of Philadelphia. She is breaking headlines as being the first black female comic book/coffee house owner on the East Coast. Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc. is located in…

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Locs Feature: Charlie O

1. Tell me about yourself. My name is Charlie O and I’m from the East coast and I currently reside in California. I created this site as a place where people can see, learn about and admire beautiful locs. I’m working on figuring out how to meaningfully live my life while making a steady income. 2. How long have you had…

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